PFS_G semi-automatic weight fillers

They are used in small and medium series production, mainly to measure the required amount of liquid to buckets, cans or canisters. The requirement is for the product to have a liquid consistency enabling its pumping into the filler with a pump.

Design advantages of PFS_G filler:

  • Compact design
  • Easy connection to the tanks from which the medium is fed
  • Possibility of direct connection of the feed pump
  • Easy cleaning of the dosing valve
  • The use of wheels helps move the device to the filling site.
PFS_G semi-automatic weight fillers

Technical specifications

modelSize of installed valve [mm]Estimated flow rate (for water) [m3/h]Accuracy of weight indication [g]Packaging size [L]Estimated weight of the device [kg]
PFS_G-32_SA…3221,4+/- 101÷5170
PFS_G-50_SA…5048,8+/- 202÷20178
PFS_G-65_SA…6558+/- 202÷30196
PFS_G-80_SA…8070+/- 202÷35205

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