PMD-P planetary dissolvers

PMD-P dissolvers are used to disperse and mix highly viscous substances, i.e. silicones, putties etc. Planetary dissolvers have two drives: a central drive with a disc and a two-blade planetary drive spinning around a central shaft with a disc.

Planetary dissolvers are equipped with a vacuum generation system, allowing air to be removed from inside the vessel.

Perfect equipment for the production of adhesives, putties and other dense masses.
PMD-P planetary dissolvers

Technical specifications

modelmain engine power (kW)working capacity of the vessel (litres)L x W x H (mm) (max. height)total weight (kg)
PMD-P-450/37F/15F37 + 154501300 x 800 x 5004500
PMD-P-800/55F/22F55 + 228003220 x 1630 x 26004900
PMD-1000/55F/30F55 + 3010003400 x 1650 x 29005200

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