PVM mobile vessel mixer

PVM mobile vessel mixers are used for mixing liquids and dispersion media. Mixers are especially useful for the colouring of paints and varnishes.

Small dimensions and easy assembly enable the use of a portable mixer in any place.
PVM mobile vessel mixer

Technical specifications

modelmain engine power (kW)engine typetank type / working capacity (litres)agitator rotational speed (rpm)agitator diameter (mm)total weight (kg)
PCM-D/0,5/P0,5pneumatycznyDrum/200250Ø250 x 96028
PCM-IBC/1,1/P1,1pneumatycznyIBC-rodzaj pojemników/1000do 500Ø20 x 22050
PCM-IBC/2,5/P2,5pneumatycznyIBC-rodzaj pojemników/1000do 500Ø500 x 140070

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