PS horizontal mills

PS horizontal ball mills are used to grind and shred pre-dispersed pigment pastes or other substances requiring fine grinding in a liquid environment.

Traditional, highly reliable device. High flexibility of operational parameters. Capacity up to 5000 kg/h.
PS horizontal mills

Technical specifications

modelengine power (kW)net capacity of the mill’s working tank (litres)L x W x H (mm)total weight (kg)
PS-1/1.5/231; 1,5; 21100 x 570 x 500150
PS-2022201400 x 890 x 1450720
PS-5045442050 x 1170 x 16501260
PS-100551132270 x 1250 x 17801900
PS-200901952400 x 1940 x 18002880
PS-5002005005600 x 1110 x 16004800

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