PSS high energy horizontal mills

The design of PSS high energy horizontal mills is an extension and improvement of the well-known PS series of mills. The introduced modifications allowed to maintain simple design, but – at the same time – enabled the use of very fine balls. Extremely effective cooling enables grinding different products at low process temperatures. This feature is particularly important in the production of delicate pigments, for which high temperatures are destructive.

The engine is powered by a frequency inverter with adjustable shaft speed. Discs and chamber can be made of ceramics.
PSS high energy horizontal mills

Technical specifications

modelengine power (kW)net capacity of the mill’s working tank (litres)L x W x H (mm)total weight (kg)
PSS-2022201300 x 800 x 500720
PSS-5045441490 x 890 x 17801250
PSS-100551131170 x 1250 x 17801950

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