PDS proportioning stations

PDS proportioning stations are used for precise dosing of liquid substances according to a given recipe. In particular, the stations are used for industrial colouring of paint products.

The proportioned products (e.g. pigment pastes, colourants) are stored in storage tanks with stirrers. Storage tanks are connected with a set of diaphragm pumps that are used for:

  • filling tanks with proportioned products,
  • feeding the products to the dosing valves of the proportioning station,
  • closed circuit circulation of products: storage tank – dosing valve.

Proportioning is done in three modes: coarse/accurate/drip. The machine operator selects the product code from the database corresponding to the recipe.

After selecting the code, the system proportions appropriate quantities of products. This enables accurate and fast execution of customer orders.

PDS proportioning stations are used for:

  • colouring products,
  • precise proportioning of liquid products,
  • production of mixtures of liquid materials.
PDS proportioning stations

Technical specifications

modelmaximum number of dosing valvesstationary valvesmobile valvespackaging size MAX (mm)packaging size MIN (mm)height x width x length (HxWxL)
PDS-4848--H=1250 Ø=1200H=400 Ø=1004000x3500x3500
PDS-3232+-H=1250 Ø=1200H=600 Ø=6002250x2250x900
PDS-2424++H=1250 Ø=1200H=600 Ø=6002250x2250x900
PDS-1616++H=100 Ø=900H=400 Ø=4002100x1650x1000

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