Single-screw extruders for processing rubber blends

Single-screw extruders designed for extrusion of rubber blends (rubber-based plastics), usually in the form of strips of pretreated mixture. Equipped with a precise water or water-electric thermoregulation system.

Single-screw extruders for processing rubber blends

Technical data (range)

Screw diameter (mm) Relative length L/D Screw speed (rpm) raw material form strip raw material feeding method main engine power (kW)1) thermoregulation of the screw and the cylinder thermoregulation of the head Output (kg/h)2) equipment dedicated control cabinet
60 – 125 16 – 22 60 – 110 rubber blend cold, directly to the cylinder power supply zone, by the roller mechanism 37 – 110 (or more) electric heating or water cooling electric heating or water, cooling 60 – 800 degassing system, individual thermostats (water heaters and coolers) free-standing

1, 2) depending on the screw diameter and type of material

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