Design process – stages of implementation

Development of project decision-making processes

The assessment of various types of investment projects may be sometimes particularly hard for the Investor due to their complexity. Depending on the conditions of the specificity of the project, the method of its analysis should be selected in such a way as to provide as much reliable information as possible to facilitate the decision-making process.

Installation design

Our design office develops comprehensive 3D and 2D designs as well as 3D printed models.

We provide the client with technical analysis of the investment project and fully professional advice. We develop an investment concept on the basis of identified needs, production technology and future development plans of the client. It is always the sum of mutual approvals.

Constructing and manufacturing new machines, apparatuses and devices

We provide clients with devices and apparatuses of our own design, based on the technical solutions developed and tested by us.

Project implementation up to the “turnkey” stage

ICHEMAD-Profarb has built and technologically equipped dozens of chemical plants around the world.

Our experience in the implementation of investment projects is confirmed by our “turnkey” projects completed in Europe and on other continents. Our products are assembled on production lines in both micro and macro scale.


We are helpful!

We guarantee continuous maintenance of all machines and devices purchased from us with regard to mechanical operation as well as control and measurement instruments and control devices. Moreover, we provide all spare parts of technological equipment purchased from us.

Spare parts