ICHEMAD – Profarb conducts research in two areas:

  • in-house research on new machinery and equipment solutions in chemical engineering – leading to development of new models of machines, equipment and apparatuses.
  • research related to new needs of the Customers – aimed at optimisation of processes in chemical production.

The research in the project “Development of utility models for the construction of a group of energy-saving machines for the chemical industry, in particular for the production of paints and varnishes” falls into the category of Customer-oriented research. The material presented in this document is entirely purposed to meet the Customers needs and present ICHEMAD – Profarb capabilities. We are prepared to address complex engineering issues regarding production processes. In the company catalogue we presented the scope of our specialisation and engineering areas we cover. We encourage the Customer to choose the issues that are vital to their company’s development and turn to us to examine them. As a result ICHEMAD – Profarb should deliver engineering solutions tailor-cut to Customer’s expectations. These include customized machinery and equipment.

Through profound enhancing of quality and cost-optimisation, we endorse development of our Customers’ production technology. Presenting solutions of highest quality is the top priority for us. We cooperate closely with the Customers in addressing their production issues. The development of innovations is targeted at fulfilling the Customer’s needs.

In cooperation, we always value the intellectual property of our Customers.

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