Plastics – machinery

ICHEMAD-Profarb company (former ZMCh Metalchem) capably combines 50 years of experience with a new R&D potential. We offer a wide range of modern extruders and compatible technological lines of various applications. Our machines are used in plastics processing to manufacture high-quality products in many industries, e.g. the building industry, telecommunication, environmental protection as well as electrical engineering, packaging and food industries.

The single- and double-screw extruders are based on advanced technical solutions and designed to cooperate with our customized lines for production of profiles, smooth pipes, corrugated tubing (single- or multi-layered), heat-shrinkable or packaging films as well as granulates and regranulates from plastic waste. Thanks to high engineering standards, our machines are used in production processes in various industries, ensuring the quality of the obtained products.

In our product range, you will also find new plasticizing systems for extruders from any manufacturer, a possibility of regenerating exploited systems in extruders and injection molding machines (including regeneration of the conveyor screw though PTA plasma pad welding) as well as mechanical working and surface treatment services.

We offer professional consulting, customization of machinery to Client’s requirements and technology, extrusion testing and service.

The consolidation of industrial engineering market created new conditions for dynamic development of machinery for plastics processing. We invite you to explore our products at:

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