Paint and coatings – plants

ICHEMAD-Profarb is a leader in designing and building plants, innovative production units and constructing machines for the coatings industry. We actively support our Clients in development of their production technologies on varied markets: for industrial coatings, marine coatings, printing inks, decorative paint, plasters, dispersions and resins. Our expertise results from research, design and construction work as well as comprehensive handling of investments on international markets.

We endorse our Clients at each stage of the investment process: from developing the concept to turnkey implementation. We design and construct machines, build process lines and automated plants that we equip with complete control systems. Our solutions meet the highest engineering and technological standards in the production of coatings inherent for diverse product markets.

We are a leader in manufacturing machines for the paint and coatings industry, such as:

  • dissolvers,
  • high-energy mills,
  • basket mills,
  • mixers,
  • dispensing systems,
  • fillers,
  • reactors for polymerisation of dispersions,
  • reactors for synthesis of resins.

We design and build complete process lines for every production phase: transport, input of liquid and solid materials, dispensing, de-agglomeration, dispergation and mixing, filtration, packaging. Our control systems for batch production management and monitoring perfectly fit the requirements of coating manufacturers. We ensure automation of all operations and chemical processes.

We specialize in the following operations and processes:

  • dispersing, de-agglomeration,
  • mixing of solids and liquids, emulsifying,
  • wet milling,
  • processing solids in liquid,
  • dosing of raw materials and products (volumetric and gravimetric systems),
  • storage solid materials (tank farms),
  • pneumatic and mechanic transport of solid materials,
  • storage and transport of liquid materials,
  • packaging,
  • polymerisation of dispersions,
  • synthesis of resins.

We constantly develop innovations and enhance our machinery. Owing to our knowledge and experience, we keep executing investment projects of the leading global paint and coatings manufacturers worldwide.

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