Biodegradation of gas pollution

The protection natural environment as well as the health of the crew at the plant may rely on a solution that ensures high efficiency and a radical cut of costs of both investment and exploitation, as compared to traditional methods. ICHEMAD-Profarb together with the Polish Academy of Science present an innovative installation for elimination of volatile organic compounds based on a bioreactor.

ICHEMAD-Profarb together with the Polish Academy of Science, the Institute for Chemical Engineering, offer an installation for air clearing from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odours based on an innovative technological solution: the method of biological decay.

Why to choose this method?

The technology of biological decay presents a real solution to the problem of VOC’s harmful effect on natural environment. The use of this method effectively solves the problem of VOC’s emission into atmosphere and prevents their negative impact on health of the crew at the plant.
The technology of biological decay is a major alternative to the common methods of air clearing from VOC. For gas streams with low or changeable concentration of pollution, the use of traditional methods (such as absorption, incineration or condensation) generates very high costs. These costs are minimal, namely a few times lower, in the case of a bioreactor.

The process of air clearing by bioreactor is more efficient and enables effective elimination of odours. Moreover, the method can be applied to very large trickles of polluted air. It is very difficult to clear the gases with low or changeable concentration of pollution by means of traditional methods. The method of biological decay is simple and particularly effective in such cases. No further emissions are generated during the process of biofiltration. The product of biological decay consists in the biomass of the microorganisms, CO2 and water.  The air clearing by means of a trickle-bed reactor is simple in use and does not generate any by-products that must be utilized.


  • environmental and health protection,
  • energy savings,
  • operational costs reduced to minimum,
  • low investment costs as compared to other methods,
  • safety of the process – low temperature, low pressure,
  • ergonomic and compact installation,
  • full automation of the process,
  • effective removal of odours,
  • clearance of gases with low or changeable concentration of pollution.

We made the pilot installation accessible to be visited at the Institute for Chemical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Science in Gliwice. We are open to applying solutions adjusted to the individual needs of the interested company.

The bioreactor is an installation that relies on innovation. Hence, this investment can be can be executed as an R&D project of our Client that promotes sustainability.

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