Process lines for production of pipes

Depending on the type (design) of the manufactured pipe and its applications, the line can be combined on the basis of one or more single- or double-screw extruders.

ICHEMAD Profarb will deliver it with a head, a set of calibration and cooling trays (or with a moulding machine/corrugator), and an extractor and cutting device, with a rewinder or with a dispenser.

Consequently our lines can be used to extrude:

  • smooth pressure and sewer pipes made of PVC, PE, or PP (up to 400 mm),
  • corrugated drainage pipes (up to 200 mm) and electrical installation pipes made of such materials as PVC, PP, or PA,
  • double-walled pipes with corrugated outer walls made of HDPE,
  • corrugated protective pipes for power supply cables, and other pipes for special applications.

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