Process lines for granulation and regranulation

Process lines of this kind include the following two basic groups:

  • lines with a dual-screw extruder for converting dry blended PVC into granulate or for recycling of prepared, ground PVC waste, using the hot cutting method and air transport and cooling of the granulate,
  • lines for regranulation (recycling) of such plastics as PE, PP, PS, ABS, most masterbatches, etc., based on a single-screw extruder, which cut granulate in a water ring and dry it by separating water in centrifuge dryers.

Also, in special cases (e.g. PMMA granulation), ICHEMAD-Profarb can prepare a line for “thread” granulation in which the “threads” coming out of the head are immersion-cooled in a water bath and, once they are dried, they are cut in a granulator with a rotary cutter.

In all plastics recycling cases, the process line is equipped with a plastic filter whose type is selected according to the type of raw material and the specific parameters of the process.

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