Plasticizing systems

As a manufacturer of extruders and process lines for plastics processing, ICHEMAD Profarb offers a wide range of spare parts, the most important of which are plasticizing systems for extruders made by us and by other companies.

We offer manufacture of just extruder screws of different geometry, cylinders, and complete plasticizing systems.

In addition to the standard design of cylinders and screws in the gas nitriding technology, it is possible to make bimetallic plasticizing systems with plasma-welded screws (PTA) and to use other steels, e.g. increased-strength or corrosion-resistant steels, to make screws and/or cylinders.

Due to the high quality of the spare parts manufactured by us and their long service life, ICHEMAD-Profarb has for years been a valued partner of leading companies in the plastics industry both domestically and abroad.

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