ICHEMAD-Profarb builds a new KREISEL factory in Ukraine

The construction of the Kreisel factory in Ukraine is another large investment carried out by ICHEMAD-Profarb specialists on eastern markets.

KREISEL is one of the leading producers and suppliers of building materials and systems in Ukraine, offering its customers high-quality modern building materials. KREISEL belongs to the German concern FIXIT GUPPE, which places great emphasis on the development and implementation of modern, innovative and highly specialized technological solutions. The expansion of the assortment, need for excellent quality and an extensive distribution network were the biggest drivers of launching a new Kreisel production plants in Ukraine.

The subject of the investment will be the most modern production plant in the industry. The factory will meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding health and safety and environmental protection. It will use a number of solutions to create safe and friendly working conditions for employees, and the entire production process will be fully automated.

Kreisel will invest approximately EUR 2 million in the construction of a new production plant (new production line) for water-based products. The devices will be delivered and assembled by Ichemad-Profarb, Poland, and the construction of the facility will be carried out in cooperation with local companies.

The investment consists of fully automated dosing of liquid and loose materials, and mineral fillers. The scope of project includes the main devices with a storage park for liquid raw materials, a node for loose raw materials and liquid additives with a bearing and control system, as well as a dedusting installation and a complete control system.

ICHEMAD-Profarb is the author of designed solutions, a producer and supplier of apparatus and devices, and a contractor for assembly works in all industries, supervises the investment and is responsible for setting up the installation along with training employees.

The ceremonial opening of the new plant (new production line) is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.