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Profarb Chemical Group and Chemical Machinery Plants – Metalchem merged into one company: ICHEMAD-Profarb.

Legal information

On 19th of September 2014 Profarb – Chemical Group sp. z o.o. completed the acquisition of Chemical Machinery Plants Metalchem sp. z o.o. pursuant to article 492 § 1 item 1 of the Polish Code of Commercial Companies. As of 28th November 2014 the merged company operates under the name ICHEMAD-Profarb sp. z o.o., which indicates continuation of the business activity of Profarb – Chemical Group.

About the consolidation

The consolidation in plant engineering industry created new conditions for research and development. They arise from combining the 30-year experience of Profarb – Chemical Group with 50-year production-traditions of ChMP Metalchem, Profarb’s entry into the plastics machinery market, integration of the intellectual potential of the highly qualified staff of both companies as well as lowering the production costs as a result of acquisition and development of the CNC machines park. Crucially, ICHEMAD-Profarb has a perfect new location near the intersection of A1/A4 highways in Gliwice, 15 min. from Katowice Airport, with 7 ha of land for further development of the infrastructure.


The new name of the company refers to its main area of activity, i.e. chemical engineering (ICHEM) and the names of its founders (AD). The company deals with design, construction and a comprehensive implementation of investments for the chemical industry. It employs over 200 people.

Areas of business activity

ICHEMAD-Profarb is a leader in designing and building installations as well as constructing and manufacturing machinery for the coatings and plastics industries. It builds complete installations for the operations of dispersing, de-agglomeration, mixing, wet-milling and the processes of polymerisation of dispersions and synthesis of resins. ICHEMAD-Profarb also develops innovative systems for utilisation of gas pollution, based on the method of biological decay. The Company is oriented at providing comprehensive chemical engineering solutions for businesses focused on sustainable development, on a global scale.

ICHEMAD-Profarb is represented by:

  • Radosław Adamek – Chairman of the Management Board,
  • Krzysztof Danek – Vicechairman of the Management Board,
  • Joanna Adamek-Nowakowska – joint-proxy with a Member of the Management Board.
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